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The UN Climate Summit + how we can already power our lives purely on 'clean energy'.

Avaaz has recently come out with a petition to go along with their UN Climate Summit march to take place on September 21 of this year:  … 493 more words

State Of The World

Stage being set, part 3.

I’m thinking at this point that September 11, 2014 is looking pretty good as the date in which all hell breaks loose..
Aug. 29 — Islamic terrorist groups in a Mexico border city to US:  … 425 more words

State Of The World

The Giver: Countercultural Movie of the Year

Something is countercultural if it questions widely held presuppositions, thereby offering a compelling challenge to the dominant paradigm.

The Giver, starring Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges, and Meryl Streep, has gotten mixed reviews. 586 more words


Feminism is DESTROYING Dating

Why Modern Feminism has DESTROYED the Dating World

“Where have all the good men gone?”

Says the “Princess” after getting dumped by the Omega loser who just wanted sex.

926 more words

Gender roles matter

One reason I tend to focus on biology and relationships between
men and women is because love is just the most awesome thing ever.
Who wouldn’t want to spend all their time contemplating love? 535 more words