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Review of David Mitchell's "The Bone Clocks"

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    From the fantastically visceral film adaptation of another David Mitchell masterpiece “Cloud Atlas,” the Cloud Atlas sextet serves as the musical underpinning that really weaves together all the disparate elements of that story. 1,162 more words

Mind over Matter

Ramon’s Method of Clairvoyance

We as individuals walk around with our whole life contained in our memory banks.
Also our electro-magnetic field (aura) contains all our life thoughts, feelings, pain, joy etc. 290 more words

Ramon's Insights


a black dawn upon the setting sun
for how could ever think of what was
to feed the past such definite emotions
is but to put a noose on the future’s nubile skin… 87 more words


Once Upon a Time, There Is Car Talk

Car Talk‘s Click and Clack were no strangers to critics, which they took in stride and often agreed with. But few critics were as pungent and pointed as Melissa Wilson of Seattle. 595 more words

Gary Conkling

Remarks on Some Arguments to Subjective Idealism

In response to Immaterial Mind:

Hi MrManWookie,

I’m not sure if I understood the overall dialectic of this video. You seem to take yourself to be presenting arguments for subjective idealism, but the first argument seems to be contradictory with subjective idealism. 4,069 more words

Philosophy Of Religion

Clearings: Helping Lost Souls Find The Way Home

What if you were told a discarnate entity is siphoning energy from you, or that an extraterrestrial has taken up residence in your energy field, or that the anger and despair isn’t coming from you but from a dark being milking your emotions to feed its network, or that you are missing a piece of your heart. 17 more words



As the
leaves quiver,
on the
of an
autumn sky,
bloom joyfully.

(Image: From The Garden,
Sedum Herbstfreude)