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I'm Terminal

Sometimes I wish I were invisible.  Then I maybe I could be miserable in peace.  Why does everyone want to fix me?  I mean I get that it’s not sunshine and rainbows to be around me, but guess what!?  217 more words

Depression And Anxiety

Real Life Experiences: Mental Health

It’s always inspiring and encouraging when high profile figures (once they have got their health back on track) are open and willing to share their health problems. 172 more words

Up date After a Long Absence

Hey peeps!

Sorry for the long absence. I have been working through some things that are going on in my life, and I needed to not do it on here, ya feel? 522 more words

Family History Of Undertreatment May Discourage Blacks From Seeking Mental Health Care

Underuse of effective treatments for mental health disorders is more pronounced among African Americans than non-Hispanic whites.  A new study attempting to explain this health disparity in the… 566 more words

Life & Style

Status Update: Gentle Healing

Learning learning learning… like a roller coaster. I often have this image of myself as a chicken who gets into melodramatic fits of neurotic anxiety, an the fits cause me to spontaneously combust and burn to ashes, only to reborn again. 989 more words

Happy Anniversary on Wordpress for mee~!!

I haven’t written in a while and it doesn’t appeal me to do so but I want to see how much I can type on a word document until I’m satisfied or bored. 81 more words