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Currant Events

Sometimes you just have to bake, sometimes it’s an urge you have and other times it’s the strong urging from another being.  Sometimes those other beings, still human mind you–you know this by their instance and demands–will go so far as to bring hints to you as a means of encouraging you to bake. 505 more words

Rock Cakes!

As I write this, with a cup of coffee in hand, my LO is sitting, full and happy on the sofa, murmuring to himself about whether he has room for one more rock cake. 425 more words


Prefect For Peppers

The peppers are in, an array of color so pleasing I almost don’t want to cut into them.  Almost! ;)  How can you not smile when you see the brilliant yellows, burning reds and stunning orange peppers all so ripe and ready to eat?   497 more words

'Because of the telegraph'! Obama's 'messy' gaffe sparks mockery [photos]

Shorter @BarackObama – And I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids and that damned Twitchy!—
Chris Barnhart (@ChrisBarnhart) …

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US Politics

Clutter (Sanaa)

I would often use the phrase “Mom! I’m a teenager!” when I was twelve, to excuse my ‘rapid’ and ‘changing’ behavior – varying from; a new style of clothing, different meal times, fluctuating sleeping patterns, the inevitable and rude “I can’t hold your hand in public, it’s embarrassing” attitude, up to my bedroom which appeared to be a pile of garbage every day (garbage which I didn’t want to ‘throw away’ because every movie ticket and chocolate wrapping held a sentimental value or memory to me). 783 more words