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La app de Facebook que tú no puedes usar

Mentions de Facebook, según relata su propia descripción, la aplicación es exclusiva para gente con una cuenta de Facebook verificadas, es decir, personalidades de diversos ámbitos como el político, el deportivo o el musical. 155 more words


Yes. This is Very IMPORTANT NEWS! Okay so here are the three very very important news that I would be so happy if you could read/do: 117 more words


Why mentions on Twitter help people communicate

The European Commission’s EMPL presence on Twitter in 2012

Twitter mentions help users communicate and give more visibility to the one mentioned. The mention format is the Twitter username (handle), preceded by the “@” symbol (@username). 669 more words

Social Media

Facebook's plan for the Emmys: ask celebrities to shake a glorified Magic 8-Ball

Facebook is placing its hopes on a glorified Magic 8-Ball.

The company plans to introduce the Mentions Box, a device that selects questions from Facebook users and prompts a celebrity to answer one with a video response, during tonight’s Emmy Awards. 536 more words


Today's Best News: Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez

20th August, 2014. 8:46pm

Can I just say I love the fact that Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez are over! I know there’s no chance in any lifetime that Zac Efron would even know my existence, but it just makes me soooooo happy that they have split up. 15 more words

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Honorable Mentions For The [AC-CA] ‘s Competition – [PARIS10] by Decorationzy

Here are the Honorable Mention designs selected from the River Champagne Bar competition hosted by . 

Project: River Champagne Bar Place: Paris, FranceCompetitors Organized by Internet site: … 30 more words

On "MartinLawrence" and Fame

16th August, 2014. 12:34am

I hate moments when I want so badly to write but nothing comes out of my mind. I was supposed to rewrite a Press Release today that’s due Monday and I initially had formed words in my mind last night when I went to bed, but they all got stuck in the dreamland so now I have nothing but my source material. 519 more words