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Stop the Stigma

“You hear it everywhere. “Oh, she’s so bipolar.”

It’s the diagnosis of the decade. At least in the general public.”

“Here are some statistics. 76 more words

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Stop That Stigma!

That’s Right, We’re Gonna Fight

The world is changing.  It’s a very different world than it was even five years ago; the specter of AIDS is diminishing due to good medicines and prevention of transmission. 1,079 more words

Personal Journey

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~His Last Will and Testament~

Yeah his text message to me and my Son. Awesome right. I have much more, this is just the beginning. I also intend to upload the most recent 911 call, that will come later.

Bipolar Disorder

Small Towns

I live in a small town. In Arkansas. I was looking into mental health groups on google and I found a national depression and bipolar peer led support group. 361 more words


Can Mental Illness be cured for anyone?

This is a hard question for me. I know the general answer is no. But then you have those people that are walking around and talking about how they were able to heal themselves and there are the people that believe that mental illness doesn’t truly exist at all. 1,209 more words


Depression and Diet

Can Food Really Affect Your Mood?

“Trying to find a diet to ease depression? Unfortunately, there’s no specific diet that works for depression. No studies have been done that indicate a particular eating plan can ease symptoms of clinical depression.” 36 more words

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Why You Should Try Psychoanalysis

“Here’s the thing about psychoanalysis: you keep finding things out about yourself that you didn’t know. Or at least, that you hadn’t said out loud before. 168 more words

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