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The Banana Conundrum & Updates

It has been quite a few months since I’ve been active on my blog! A lot of things have been happening in my world over the summer, and I’ve made a big decision to go back to school to future my education, with a Graduate degree. 381 more words

"Treating mental illness is a global task, say experts"

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This August 31, 2014 The Independent article talks about efforts being made to encourage the UN to set goals for the treatment of mental illness worldwide for the rest of this century. 6 more words

Mental Illness

Defining Abnormality- Illness, Disorder, or the Crystallization of culture?

“To characterize a process as a disease is to weave it into a complex web of social meaning that comprises both norms of evaluation and technologies of remediation.

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"Simulation helps Mercyhurst students understand mental illness"

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This August 30, 2014 article on GoErie.com is about a group of Mercyhurst Students that went through Pat Deegan’s training called “Hearing Voices”.  The article includes quotes of the students’ views about the simulation.

Mental Health


What does this word mean?
Often I hear people speak of men with multiple personalities
Or women who are bipolar and lose it one day and kill their daughters. 203 more words

"Mental Health Days Should Require a Doctor’s Note"

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This August 29, 2014 Liberty Voice article talks about one step that could help with the battle to decrease the stigma often attached to mental illness.  98 more words

Mental Health

Kissing Winter Girls

She’s broken and it triggers something inside of me.

The scars on her thighs resemble the ones on my wrists.

I want to hold her and never let go but… 103 more words