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You know you're old when...

…the highlight of your day is taking a meal to new parents, and you’re so excited that your failing memory actually allowed you to a) prepare the meal, b) pack everything you prepared and c) deliver the meal…that you accidentally turn the wrong direction to get home and create a traffic pileup that results in honking and rude gestures (not originating from you).



It's like a TV comedy show, I guess

I’m a 50-something living in Denver with her new husband, playing some golf, doing some renovation, making some fun trips.

And then there’s my mother. 287 more words

Memory Loss

Magnets Can Improve Your Memory

Targeting a particular part of the brain with magnetic pulses may be a non-invasive way to improve memory, a new published in the journal Science… 560 more words

Marijuana Compound may offer Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease

A study recently conducted at the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute found that extremely low levels of the compound THC, found in marijuana, may slow or stop the development of Alzheimer’s disease. 303 more words


How Replication Will Help You Enhance Your brain

Memory is a wonderful quality of being human. It makes us who we are because we utilize it to maintain expertise about our previous experiences. Without it we would not can learning new abilities and keeping info required to end up being an efficient member of our world. 1,037 more words

Memory Loss

Memory loss required

Memory loss is a major concern in our society.  Why, there are pills boasting improved focus & mental faculty.  Medicines to improve short term & long term memory loss are in abundance.    915 more words