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And then?

I was telling one of my friends about my travelling plans, the list of places I want to see before dying and stuff. He was like “You gonna travel so much alone?” 31 more words


Don't you feel it? It's strange

It’s strange — Don’t you feel it? What happened to us? I close my eyes and recall many memories the two of us together. It was started years ago, when we sat before another, in class, when break time. 296 more words


My First Christmas & NY Away, Best Ever Whilst Backpacking

I’d like to write an article to commemortate the amazing time I had at Christmas 2012. This may sound a way ago but for me it was important. 735 more words

The fall of the dollar house, and those that still support it

Yesterday I was pleased to discover the CInemark 16 on the border of Oakland and Macomb counties, and its selection of second – run movies that may or may not have arrived on DVD, but in this case, were still showing on the big screen. 235 more words


Nehemiah is not Nineveh

I was reading Nehemiah in my nightly Bible reading last week.

I kept getting excited when I opened up my app (because I am that kid who needs an app to follow any kind of Bible reading plan) because I kept thinking Nehemiah was Nineveh.   255 more words

Odds & Ends

Partyin Partyin Yeah...?

By: Diego Girgado

With my second first week of college finished I am going to party a little this weekend with my roommates. I know what you guys are thinking I am not really the partying type, but when in Rome (well Northridge). 761 more words


You Can't Really Go Back

It was about remembering.

Remembering the way things used to be.


Daddy has become sort of melancholy about the past these recent days.

It’s as if he wants to relive some of the old times we had as a family. 682 more words