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five hundred forty five

Three versions of same
sign. (Could not pick out just one
to put on the blog)

Santa Rosa, Texas

Melinda Green Harvey

The narrowest street

This street is said to be the narrowest one in Canada. Some construction work on one of the adjacent buildings made it feel even more narrow, with scaffolding blocking the light. 29 more words


five hundred forty four

Those stains on the wall
are pretty disgusting. Roof
leak’s the culprit here.

Colorado City, Texas

Melinda Green Harvey

Don't just dream

Sometimes the best advice is unsolicited and painted on a wall. Like the one I found in Lubbock last winter. Or this one Ehpem and I… 29 more words


five hundred forty three

Arrowhead’s empty
promise is hollow against
New Mexico sky.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Melinda Green Harvey

Alley view (my version)

In response to your question, yes, Ehpem, I did get a shot of this wall in the alley. Thanks for asking.

Victoria, British Columbia
photographed 8.3.2014


five hundred forty two

“Tower Drug” makes sense.
“Hook,” on the other hand, is
a small mystery.

Uhland, Texas

Melinda Green Harvey