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Medusa Barbie & Jesus

Jelly Sweets and Child’s Toy

Copyright © 2014 Alyssia White


Watercolor flash of Medusa. Originally done in August 2014.

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Medusa and the Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords.

 Athene and as the Medusa. As Perseus seizing knowledge through skill and craft. The head as the source of wisdom, the serpents as untameable power, the woman beheaded for knowledge beyond her feminine station, the woman wisdom that still turns fools to stone even in death. 64 more words


Medusa, 1960

Medusa, 1960

To curly-haired people Mother might have seemed mild-mannered enough, but beneath her calm exterior she nursed a sadistic streak, committing home permanents with malice aforethought, ignoring her helpless daughters’ protests that “I like my hair this way.” and “nobody but old ladies have THAT kind of hair.” squashing arguments with a terrifying directive, “Don’t dispute my word.”  “Disputing my word” assured swift and terrible punishment, followed by a furious lecture about how great we had it and ending tearfully with, “and I would have given anything to have a permanent wave like Margaret Lucille, but I had to wear my hair chopped off straight around.”  Had I met Margaret Lucille, the author of my misery, I would have gladly pulled out every permanently-waved hair on her despicable head.  633 more words

1960's Humor

Which are the best Greek restaurants in Brisbane and Sydney?

After my second holiday in Greece in two years, I returned to Australia reluctantly and with a voracious appetite for Greek food. In fact, I believe the Greek village diet has almost cured me of some food intolerances which I’ve had for two years.  292 more words


When split ends are a medical emergency! 25th August

Medusa… discovers she has split ends!
Thank you Rosie Scribblah for posting a picture of a two-headed snake called Medusa on Facebook this morning… Had to be drawn! 11 more words