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Was Charlemagne a Good Guy or a Bad Guy?

In my novels, I have seen the man we today call Charlemagne through different eyes.

In The Cross and the Dragon, my heroine, Alda, thinks he’s a hero, but Leova, the heroine of… 59 more words

Middle Ages


Yes, it’s finally here! a whole post about Minifigs! I’ll be writing about creating, displaying, and customizing Minifigures. The obvious place to begin is…

Creating: 162 more words


Book Announcement: Architecturalized Asia: Mapping a Continent Through History

We are pleased to announce the recent publication of Architecturalized Asia: Mapping a Continent Through History which has been co-published by Honk Kong University Press and the University of Hawai’i Press and co-edited by Vimalin Rujivacharakul, H. 325 more words



If you discount the inside of the two airports we saw in between setting off and arriving in Dubrovnik, this was where our Croatian adventuresbegan. We arrived at around 4pm Croatiantime (they’re an hour ahead of England) and hopped in a taxi to take us from the airport. 849 more words

Renaissance Festival

Lords and Ladies, how are you today?

So I recently attended the Renaissance Festival the other day. For those who may not know what that is, I would call it a cultural immersion of medieval mannerisms brought to life by wonderful performers and fans alike. 211 more words

Medieval diagnostic methods

Before the invention of modern laboratory equipment and diagnostic tools, physicians had to use more primitive techniques. As unpleasant as it sounds, medieval doctors were sometimes forced to drink the urine of their patients in order to diagnose metabolic diseases. 12 more words

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