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Off-stage Immersion: aligning player and character emotions

In my last post, I discussed the idea that in most roleplaying games, players’ time is split. Some of it is spent performing as a character, acting exactly as that character would in the fictional world, but some of it is spent on other activities. 537 more words

System Design

Statistical Mechanics - Thermodynamic Beta

In the last post, we learnt that the Gibbs entropy is additive – the Gibbs entropy of a system comprising multiple subsystems is the  1,268 more words

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What It Took To Build Her Was Almost Enough To Kill Her (And Us) Part 3: Chasing Ghosts

I coach my oldest son’s football team, and we had practice Saturday morning. I let J know the night before that he’d have the house to himself until about lunch time, then I’d clean up and we’d head down to Jonesboro just before dinner. 1,806 more words


Mechanics To Be Taught To Identify Transgender Customers

By Debbie Taylor

Graphic by The Artful Dodger


A new course has been set up for garage car mechanics to ensure that they can identify a transgender customer from a genetically female one. 481 more words


The Wheel Wasn't Made to Be Re-Made

Many pitching coaches, from your youth pitching coaches, private instructors, high school, college, and professional pitching coaches would love to take credit for being “new” and innovative; however, the game of baseball and the art of pitching wasn’t made to be reinvented. 381 more words



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