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Dear Shaina,
From bombs to earthquakes … a 100 pounds of the past year of your life dumped onto the living room floor exchanged for 100 pounds of clean neatly folded clothing and stuff, a wedding, a haircut, a massage, five filled cavities, three finished papers, two shabbats and only a few minor mother-daughter skirmishes (that I have completely forgotten although I am sure they happened) all squeezed into eight harried days and nine nighttime ritual tuck-ins. 822 more words

Kale and Meatball Soup

I am at the end of my rope with my kale.  Matt keeps mentioning blanching, freezing, saving for the end of the world…. I have enough in my freezer at this point to last us until we have grand children…WHICH WON’T BE ANYTIME SOON!  400 more words

Food And Such

Baked Turkey Meatballs Smothered in Honey Garlic Sauce

Today I am going to share a meal I made when you have one of those “have no idea what to make” situations.  I found some ground turkey in my freezer and bam! 189 more words


Baso Semar, Bandung

Ngomongin baso, aku pasti langsung inget ke Baso Semar. Kenapa? Soalnya paling deket kantor haha. Selain itu menurutku termasuk salah satu baso yang patut diperhitungkan di kancah perbasoan se-Bandung Raya XD… 399 more words


Higgs Meatball

On top of spaghetti all covered with cheese
I lost my poor meatball
When unpropitious fluctuations of space-time necessitated a sneeze from one of my buddies… 197 more words


La Mei Zi 辣妹子

La Mei Zi is one of Thatha’s family’s favourite Chinese restaurants. 

You can judge the authenticity of this Chinese restaurant from its sanitised cutleries (can ju 餐具).  248 more words


Garlic Toast Meatball Patty Melt

What do you get when you cross a burger, meatball and grilled cheese sandwich? Why, a delicious and satisfying Meatball Patty Melt, of course. Shaped into a patty, meatballs are cooked up on a griddle and nestled between slices of crisp garlic bread, homemade balsamic tomato sauce and gooey provolone cheese. 25 more words

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