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Gratitude Challenge Day 17 of 30

Day 17 of 30 – Gratitude for something that makes me smile

The kindness of others without fail makes me smile: A hug when you need one, a thoughtful gesture, a small gift that brightens your day. 110 more words


The truth about marijuana

The truth is, we are all fucked anyway, so you might as well get your kicks while you can. The types who want to be in government who don’t like your type of kick, get their own kicks from officially giving you a kick for enjoying those sanctimoniously unsanctioned kicks. Go figure. . .


LOOKING FOR THE GOOD: DAY 1 - Escaping the Mundane

For quite some time now I have experienced ridiculous levels of negative human behavior. Whether it is selfishness, arrogance, disrespect for others, blatant rudeness or self-centered behaviors, its time to prove to myself that the good in people is still there and, hopefully, more common than I have experienced of late. 2,749 more words

making a connection.

Do you ever hear someone say something – something you’ve always known or believed – that completely turns your world upside down? A simple and familiar thought takes on an entirely new meaning, all because of a change in perspective? 1,034 more words


Filmography - Charles Catalogs the World

Charles Catalogs the World


Charles Catalogs the World was originally concocted as a desperate attempt to keep my filmmaking brain saturated, as well as my sanity over this summer. 376 more words

Sean McGehee

Searching for Meaning

Seeking for meaning,
in a life strewn with debris.
I sift through the pieces,
trying to figure out which are me.
Little is cohesive,
most are random fragments, 47 more words


31st Aug

Let’s reduce the layers of earthly standards and excess needs and wants that exist in our eyes and search and connect with the timeless energy and field of our soul – the timeless and eternal desires for true connection above the physical realm.

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