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31st Aug

Let’s reduce the layers of earthly standards and excess needs and wants that exist in our eyes and search and connect with the timeless energy and field of our soul – the timeless and eternal desires for true connection above the physical realm.

Daily Tips

Reflective meditation

Recently I started meditating every morning because I felt like I lived without purpose. I have no idea what to do with my life. I’m on the verge of obtaining a bachelors degree in Tourism. 557 more words

Meaning Of Life

It is a life built around securities and certainties, so much so that one is accepting limits as if accepting the certainty of the ground beneath one’s feet, the certainty of the air one inhales, the certainty of one’s hunger for food, and yet, such a life can only be half a life. 59 more words

The pursuit of happiness?

  I was recently asked to write an article about happiness. Initially, I turned down the offer as I couldn’t think what I might have to say on the subject – happiness has always been an elusive concept for me. 532 more words

So much depends

So much depends upon
The open sky cut open by the trees
By the rain by the lives that we led

Upside down we stood as if for years… 106 more words


The door to the heart is never truly closed

I started thinking today about love. Romantic love. And how I haven’t felt it in years. Literally years. The last time I was in love with someone was 8 years ago. 544 more words

What I Learned From My 14-Day Facebook Detox

I’ve recently gone through a 14-day Facebook detox. Why? Because I felt like I’d lost control of my so-called digital life. Because I felt like it was controlling me and to the point where my use had become an addiction without any benefits. 707 more words