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The Details and Dreams of Moving

It’s been a busy few days around here – with prepping for our first showing yesterday and our home inspection on the new place.  And this morning, we woke to find that the big sassafras behind the house had split off a huge limb that we must now chop up. 180 more words


Meander Barn - Tasmania

Hi All,

When I am away I like to drive around the back roads to find my subjects and the first morning in Tasmania was no exception. 243 more words

Liffey Falls - Tasmania

Hi All,

I was lucky enough to have a short holiday in Tasmania in July.

All I can say is wow, wow and wow.

From a photographers point of view this island is brilliant (you taking notes here Steve Rutherford?). 315 more words

Observations From the Great Meander: Back Tracks

(In case you missed it, Dave and I left home July 31 on a road trip that has taken us down the Washington, Oregon and California coasts to Burbank. 591 more words


Prayers on Wings and Hoofs and Paws

Ferguson, Missourri. Gaza and Israel. Iraq. Robin Williams’ suicide.  So much sadness.  So much injustice.  So much right and righteous anger.

I feel both guilty and grateful for this refuge just now. 253 more words


August 6th - Meander

Meander – v 1: to follow a winding or intricate course 2: to wander aimlessly or casually without urgent destination: ramble

“I know it will not be an easy life, but I would rather meander across the wilderness, lost and hungry, than be parted from you. I am coming with you.”


History Repeater

Life is a sequence of moments. Some of these moments stay with you. Sometimes they are pleasant moments and become fond memories. Sometimes you would like to forget the bad moments. 311 more words