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When I run...

I love to run. When I run (doesn’t matter how long) it feels like my mind, body and soul are in sync.  I’m focused on my breathing yet distracted by the music at the same time, all while not having any bother with who’s looking. 122 more words

Hi! This is my first post, whooa. Can’t wait for tomorrow, I’ll write about my juicing experience. And by the way, my team Chelsea FC wins against Everton, yeah. Good night, good people ;)

Chelsea FC

Make a bit of me time

As a mother we try to have lives of our own. We try to do our own things. I try my hardest to sit down at the sewing machine at least three times a week. 398 more words


Me Time

Eating, sleeping and waking up when I feel like it has been wonderful – no alarm clock , no plane to catch, no deadlines. Absolutely bliss. 266 more words

Personal Development

Taking Off My Cape

It’s been a…busy week. No complaints but just ready to relax. My son and I have finished back to school shopping, I’ve been to the grocery store at least 3 times and have been up late every single night this week working on stuff. 75 more words


Multi Tasking...

When you become a Mum you start to do things differently. You become the Queen of multi tasking. Take today for example…

I have been alone with Joshua all day and I have actually managed to get things done… 399 more words

How to Turn Labor Day Into a Labor of Love

Anyone who knows me knows I love a holiday.  Any holiday.  I’m just as likely to break out the decorations for Groundhog Day as I am for Halloween. 555 more words

How Moms Can Make Time For Themselves