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Shelle Knows Personal Blog: Consistency and Communication Duhhhhh

Don’t you hate when you meet someone new who you are actually attracted to but never get to actually know. Let me explain. My friends and I seem to deal with this a lot.( Kinda sounds pitiful Yikes!) So this is what made me come to the assumption that this is how it is. 525 more words

Today's Hottest College News (September 2, 2014)

MBA, Job Markets, and Useful Tech.

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How to Manage Scheduling Software Fairly

Starbucks workers recently scored a point against the machine. After a lengthy New York Times story, the company decided to adjust some of their controversial scheduling practices, eliminating “clopening” — when workers are required to close at night and re-open in the morning — and requiring at least a week’s notice of upcoming schedules. 1,501 more words


A Predictive Analytics Primer

No one has the ability to capture and analyze data from the future. However, there is a way to predict the future using data from the past. 1,150 more words


It’s Never Been More Lucrative to Be a Math-Loving People Person

Parents who spend a good chunk of the week shuttling kids to and from soccer practice or drama club might be comforted by new research that suggests this effort is not in vain – as long as their kids are good at math, too. 781 more words


Beware Consumers’ Assumptions About Your Green Products

In an experiment, people expressed greater intentions to purchase a dish soap when they were told its environmental benefits were an “unintended side effect” of the product-development process, as opposed to a planned feature ( 58 more words


What to Do on Your First Day Back from Vacation

You come back from vacation and start your game of catch-up. This is an especially challenging game if you’re a senior leader. You have hundreds, maybe thousands of emails, a backlog of voicemails, and a to-do list that doubled or tripled in length while you were away. 640 more words