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with or without

If I had hope then maybe I would have dreams
If I had love maybe I would have someone to hold
Whenever the stars part from the sky… 67 more words


Discard the Maybe's, the But's and the If's

I am ecstatic today; my only sibling┬ámade it into university today and I couldn’t be happier for him.

I am proud because he didn’t have it easy, he’s had to fight to get here, he’s had to learn more lessons than what school has taught him; and for that I hope he is blessed with an amazing next three years! 257 more words



I decided to download it again and give it a whirl. I dunno….

I kinda miss talking to someone. It’s almost been two months since I’ve been in the company of another man. 83 more words



I can’t believe how fast time flies..

I mean, I have work from 6:30 so I could’ve done so many things before that, but before I know it it’s already time to leave… 25 more words

Life In Australia

Teyana Taylor - Maybe (feat. Yo Gotti and Pusha T)

G.O.O.D. music songstress Teyana Taylor keeps it G with Yo Gotti and Pusha T.


Life Happens...

Maybe, when you have so much to say you ended up saying nothing at all, i stopped writing on my blog for a while at the begging for the small lapse of time i had in-front of the computer, to organize my photos, my thoughts and my time, i joined a cruise as a photo staff for six months, i saw remarkable things, i met amazing people, i had lovely and heartbreaking experiences, that i was not able to write at the time. 50 more words


The Limbo of Maybe

Last week L came to us and told us that he had a painful bump on his jaw. It was a hard, pea-sized bump on the right side of his face. 1,021 more words