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The One Where There Shouldn't Be A Friends Reunion

I was twelve years old when Friends went off the air. Back then, I didn’t really watch Friends because I understood the humor or the experiences, but because the show was so present in the pop culture landscape that not watching it seemed like a crime against humanity. 727 more words


Friends Celebrates 20 Years With A Central Perk Pop Up Shop

No one told us life was going to be this way! One day you’re watching your new favorite TV show about a group of affable twentysomethings who live, love and host some… 319 more words

The One With The Complete History Of 'Friends' Reunions

Every time Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, or Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc, or Lisa Kudrow and anyone who isn’t David Schwimmer get together in the same room, the Internet goes crazy. 240 more words


Emmy Predictions 2014: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

It’s time to analyze the funny men.

The nominees for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series:

  • Ricky Gervais as Derek, Derek
  • Matt LeBlanc as Matt LeBlanc, 
  • 182 more words

2014 Emmy Predictions: Lead Actor, Comedy

Here we go: the last acting category under consideration! To be honest, this category is a bit of a letdown. There are a lot of random nominees and, just like the Outstanding Lead Actress category, only one person who we can honestly see winning (with allowances for one or two potential upsets).  353 more words