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How Martin Heidegger and Donald Norman will change the world.

OK, I’m a happy camper!

I finally found a short, strong sentence that describes my work of the last year and a half. This morning I saw a Facebook post of an friend of mine who was reading a text about Martin Heidegger. 125 more words


Heidegger's 'Black Notebooks': Conference Emory University

Via Hiram Maxim and the Emory U news website:

The recently published “Black Notebooks” of 20th century German philosopher Martin Heidegger will be the focus of a public conference at Emory University Sept. 117 more words


building dwelling thinking

건축가의 역할 roles of architect 

building dwelling thinking by martin heidegger 원문링크


this is an article in <poetry, language, thought> by martin heidegger, and one of the most famous and frequently quoted by architecture scene. 165 more words


Authentic [YOU] & Dasein

Even spellcheck doesn’t recognize “Dasein.”

Recently, I had a conversation with a senior leader in my organization. She has two children under the age of 3. 240 more words


How Important is Style in Writing?

It’s important that your writing not have technical errors, and it’s important that your readers are able to understand what you’re saying without having to strain themselves too much. 419 more words

Bertrand Russell

White Coats


Achievements in rectangular frames on the wall

sweat, adrenaline, sleepless nights, and thinning hair-

for the last three decades since the Hippocratic oath

piles upon piles of books on my wooden desk… 599 more words



subject<––>predicate––>relative truthfulness

Truth is analyzed at the level of its articulation based upon unarticulated assumptions that are, a priori, philosophical and ‘human, all too human’ 17 more words