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Real-life Fruit Ninja! Watch Isao Machii slice up flying fruit like a boss 【Video】

They call him ‘The Modern-Day Samurai’. Master swordsman Isao Machii can slice a BB gun pellet in mid-air. He holds four World Records for swordsmanship – so what’s he doing… 218 more words


Martial Studies in Latin-America

“El hijo del Li Yuan, Li Shimin 李世民(el segundo emperador de la Dinastía Tang) quedó aprisionado en Luoyang. Para salvar a su hijo Li Shimin, Li Yuan buscó la ayuda del Monasterio Shaolin para reprimir la revuelta dirigida por Wang Shichong 王世充y rescatar a su hijo. 3,112 more words

Kung Fu

Action in the Philippines

I want to warn the readers that this post is more of me ranting.

The Philippines has many martial arts. Arnis alone has many different sub-styles and branches and is considered an efficient martial arts system for its blade handling techniques.   533 more words


No rushing

Rushing is a sign of fear.
You must come to terms with your fear, and relax. If you get hit, you get hit. Accept this. 41 more words

Newcastle Martial Arts

Martial Breathing

This is an immensely in depth topic to be discussing. Not because the subject is difficult to understand, but instead because of the mass amounts of confusion, misinformation, and in some cases, complete lack of common sense surrounding martial arts and breathing. 1,233 more words


“If it’s not simple, it’s not self defense.” R. Hoover

Keep It Simple, Stupid! In Krav Maga we want to have the fewest answers to the most questions. 555 more words

Krav Maga