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BU Study: Social Media Use Leads To Higher Divorce Rate

BOSTON (CBS) – Logging onto Facebook seems innocent enough. But according to a Boston University study, social media users are more likely to be changing their relationship status to “single” as a result. 209 more words


Marrying Rich

This would be, EVERYBODY’s dreams, isn’t it?

Marrying rich, if only, I had the chance to, I would’ve found me a rich man, to take care of me, and I can dress up to the nines, go out to afternoon teas with my rich friends, shop until I drop, using HIS credit cards, which has NO spending limit. 269 more words


Lift Up Your Marriage

This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined with his wife, and the two are united into one. – Genesis 2:24… 668 more words


The Happiness in a Marriage


I got on the elevators, and bumped into my neighbor, Mrs. Fang, she was on her way to the massage parlor, asked me if I wanted to come with her.  525 more words


I Saw Myself, When I Gazed into Your Eyes

I guess, that, was what drove me to offer you the help, because I saw myself, when I gazed into your eye, and the moments of my past, came flooding back, had someone lend me a helping hand when I was there (in the past), then, maybe, I wouldn’t have had it this hard, and now, you appeared before me, in my “old shoes”, how can I not help you out? 270 more words


KHAPS- Yay or Nay!?!

In a country like India, where law is just a trophy term just as democracy, education and equality, a khap panchayat is the last thing a woman, or even a man, needs to enforce moral or social order. 485 more words

Practise How to Mind Your Business

How do you live peacefully with your neighbours?

Pretend nothing said in their sitting room seeps through the walls into your bedroom.

“Why did you keep the door open?” 553 more words