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Reading the Air: letter to Meredith

After extensive discussions with Meredith Capethorne, Professor of Temples visiting Japan, who is unable to believe in anything except academia and extensive proofs, Nohmen, a Buddhist priest, decides to write to her.   2,190 more words

Reading The Air: Life-magic In Japan

Burning Question

“Why do the good people ignore me?”



But so does 3+6, and 8+1, and 2+7 and so on…

No this post is not a lesson in mathematics. 4+5=9 is a simple analogy that a very wise person in my life introduced to me. 446 more words

Lets Talk

So what is Kirtan?

Kirtan is a practice of traditional Indian Devotional Chanting-  an enjoyable and simple way to achieve a blissful state of yogic peace and purification.

Traditional Sanskrit Mantras are sung with the accompaniment of Harmonium, Indian percussion and nowadays guitar bass and other instruments. 226 more words

Meditation Challenge - Day 24

Wow, day 24! Today I did another Loving Kindness meditation that I found through a Google search.

Loving Kindness Guided Meditation: Secular Buddhist Association

I liked how this meditation started with thinking of someone that you love unconditionally and noticing that glowing feeling of openness in your heart.The meditation went through the usual steps (yourself, loved one, neutral person, person of conflict, all living beings) and sent out the following hopes: 100 more words


Poop Alternative #1: Mantras

Now that you are implementing the patent pending Leave It Practice for Poop and Negative Thinking, you’ll need something to substitute in place of those negative thoughts. 449 more words