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On this day in Institute History

“I don’t have time for your nonsense”

- The President and Founder

Many mistakenly believe when reading the above quote from The Institute’s President and Founder that he does not have time for nonsense of any kind, when, in fact, it is only the nonsense of the person he is addressing that he does not have time for.

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So How's That Rebranding Workin' For Ya, Reince?

War on Women, cont.

Holy Mary, Mother of Jeebus, what was Thom Tillis thinking:

Seven percent. A 7 percent pay raise. That’s what we passed this year for North Carolina teachers.

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The "Zoe Quinn Thing" Explained

OK, so many of you have probably seen this around and, you probably didn’t know what the hell was going on, and in fairness I’ve watched it unfold for months and I didn’t get it until just now. 1,497 more words

Attention Heartiste: Don Draper is not an actual person

One of the odder folk beliefs of the pickup artist subculture is that women become worn down and used up and even a bit addled if they have sex with too many men. 531 more words


Men Going Their Own Way agree: "The economic of Sex for women is at 0%"

Some thoughts on the economics of sex from the fellas over at MGTOWHQ.com.

It’s not looking good for the ladies, at least according to the guys who’ve decided they’re totally over women, honest, but who somehow can’t stop talking about how totally over women they are, honest. 373 more words


Women Writing Men

As I’ve started circulating my novel to agents, I’ve received the question – always from women – “Why is your protagonist a man?”

I then say, “Why do you ask?” 437 more words

Men's Rights Redditors agree: "It was empathy not misogyny that kept women from having careers."

Once upon a time, you may recall, women were denied the right to vote, couldn’t own property, were prevented from having careers of their own. 159 more words