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Quote of the Day

Es ist nichts fürchterlicher als Einbildungskraft ohne Geschmack. There is nothing more fearful than imagination without taste.

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Nice Guy Confession

My name is Paul Bowscar, I’m fifteen years old, and I love my family. If you don’t believe anything else, you’d better believe that. My family are my world. 305 more words


Drag Queen Fan Obsession

During our travels to visit live drag shows, we’ve noticed some odd things along our way. While we appreciate the fans of all drag queens, we have noticed there are some fans that take it a little too far. 312 more words

RuPaul's Drag Race

Collegiate Tuesdays #1: Manners

With colleges starting soon, or have already started like in my case, there are just some things that need to be said. Sort of like a college etiquette thing because a lot of people are freshmen… 360 more words


The Gentleman Clubs

Night clubs. Per the suggestion of a good friend of mine who spends his days mastering in Marine Biology when he is not touching sharks inappropriately this week’s post is about that most dangerous of social institutions. 607 more words

30 Things Englishish

Passive-aggressive behaviour, politeness, hypocrisy, well-manerism, Englishness…   Here you’ll find a collection of English expressions that might not sound as what they appear to mean, or was the other way round? …



Manners can Kill

Apparently, manners and I don’t get along well.
Don’t look so surprised. Not yet. Save it up for what comes next.

If you’ve been following this blog you’d already know… 853 more words