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Secondhand Lions (2003)

Ok, really though, who is going around selling crates of used circus animals, and how come they never stop at my house?

Not to carve a few chunks out of your self-esteem or anything, but you should hate yourself if you haven’t seen this movie. 323 more words

Pay to Play

This past week I somehow gathered up the wherewithal to go on a mini family vacation. We don’t have a lot of money and the summer has been pretty boring for the kids. 506 more words


I wasn’t supposed to be in that girl’s shower. As the property manager, it was not my place to be in a tenant’s bathroom for any reason other than inspection or as an escort to a vendor. 651 more words

Kingdom Man

A kingdom man is one who’s life is submitted to the authority of God and devoted to seeing God’s kingdom proclaimed and excercised throughout the entirity of his life.   631 more words


Origins of the Be A Man Challenge

The “Be A Man Challenge”  all started one summer during our late adolescent years when my three best friends and I (we called ourselves MonBushNoKo… 553 more words


The Dignity of Labor

As we celebrate Labor Day weekend, I want to remind us of four key concepts about labor we too easily forget.

1. Work brings pleasure into the world. 952 more words