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Lizzie and Darcy Ducks ongoing escapades #1

DARCY: Lizzie, my head is green because I’m colorful
Liz: No Darcy, you’re head is green because you’re a Martin.
DARCY: Why are you following me Lizzie? 133 more words


Quiet spot for a nap

We’re having wifi problems tonight –at best excruciatingly slow, at worst no service at all, so once again this will need to be a one image post. 31 more words


Duck, Duck...Goose

Duck duck goose was a precursor to the childhood game of tag. This version, if you were not privy to learning in kindergarten involved as many children as you could gather, all sitting down. 487 more words


Minis and More Ducklings!!

While George was getting the back wiper replaced on our mini…I was out photographing the ducklings in the pond nearby.

But first I had to get a photo of this: 78 more words

General Photography

A Trip back to the Old Park

Hawrelak Park has been getting excavations in readiness for the World Triathlon Event in August of this year.. For a long time the lake was drained so the bulldozers could deepen the depth and you may remember that I was somewhat distressed over what would happen to the ducks and geese as there was no place for them to swim or nest. 285 more words

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Ducks Gone Wild!

When we entered Anderson Japanese Gardens today, the image above was what we saw. I know the ducks were feeding, but seeing their duck butts in the air, in unison, was very funny to me. 207 more words