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Early Mornings—Opening Your Daily Canvas

It is a little after 0600 here in Middle Tennessee, and, as I routinely do on Sunday mornings I am sitting on the front porch with a fresh cup of coffee easily within reach (and my note pad, writing this). 608 more words

I Grew Up On A Virginia Farm

A Few of my Favorite Birds (11): The Neighbor Hoods, to be continued...

I’ve spent many hours searching through my photo library for “just the right” pictures of grackles to tell you about the hoods of our neighborhood. Doesn’t this guy look mean? 135 more words

Making Choices

Creed of Gold

Which do you value more highly: Personal integrity or professional performance? How would you rather use your time: Edification or entertainment? Would you rather invest your time or spend it? 549 more words

Making Choices

Sam I Am Visits The High Desert Museum

Have you ever watched a porcupine eat a carrot?  Walked right up to a skunk?  Held hands with a chipmunk?  Watched a badger trot along beside someone as if he were their pet poodle?  446 more words

Pictures Of Babies

Hey - There's a Film Crew Following Me Around!

OK – so not really, but what if I did?!  What if  YOU did?  I recently read something by Susan Hyatt, one of my mentors, that asked if I had a film crew following me around and filming my life, what would they see.   321 more words