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love in the mail

I love getting my sister’s letters. She’s always been great at keeping in touch with people via snail mail and sending little gifts and pics, but I’ve never really been on the receiving end so much as since I moved to Canada. 56 more words


Sent to Thornlie, Australia

Here is the fifth of today’s 5-partner “sender’s choice” postcard assignment from swap-bot.  As I mentioned earlier, one of my partners had already been assigned to me for a swap just days ago.   60 more words


Sent to London, England

Another of today’s five “sender’s choice” for swap-bot.  I still combed through my box, looking for cards I thought might be at least somewhat well-received. 77 more words



The boys got some fun mail last week.  Grandma Cleve sent some new books and cars in the mail!  


And Aunt Jennie sent a postcard from New York.   35 more words

there's always time for mogging (or is there?)

A few Transmogrification kits I put together in the last few weeks of summer, before my school responsibilities really started eating up all my spare time. 584 more words


Sent to O'Fallon, Illinois

“We are a diverse…community…” –O’Fallon’s official website

“The racial makeup of the city is 82.67% White, 11.99% African American, 0.23% Native American, 2.47% Asian, 0.07% Pacific Islander, 0.79% from other races, and 1.77% from two or more races. 80 more words


Sent to Cary, North Carolina

Cary plays home to many big, well-known businesses, including Kellogg, Siemens, Lexis Nexis, Oxford University Press, and American Airlines — (source: Wikipedia)

This swap-bot assignment is a “sender’s choice,” so while I did not labor over which card to grab from the box, I did try, based on the user’s profile, to choose one she’d like well enough.

Snail Mail