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Naija Bad Gurl and self proclaimed Goddess of X Maheeda is definitely a polarizing character or star if you prefer. You either hate her or love her – no two ways about it. 110 more words


Day 70 - The Knights

The knight freed himself and his faithful steed from the final, thorny grips of the enchanted wood to emerge before his goal – the tower fabled to imprison the land’s fairest princess. 338 more words

The Kingdom

Free Form Pottery My Ladies.

As a follow-up to Free Form Pottery Yes Again these are the final product, my three ladies all in shades of yellow and all to be put up where ?. 24 more words

Free Form Pottery

Picture Prompts: August 8, 20014

Start your weekend off right with some prompts to get the creative juices flowing. Feast your eyes on the three pictures below, take a pen in hand, open your mind, and let the ideas start coming. 17 more words

Sexing the dragon

I’m not  a particularly vain creature. As dragons go I’m quite modest and self- effacing. As far as a Being my size can be self-effacing. I take care of myself. 397 more words


August rush

The barns are bursting at the seams

Young maidens ripe for the plucking

Palm wine flows like a river

The farmlands are deserts

The sun takes over the duty… 28 more words



People enter dragon;s dens in a variety of ways, if we are to believe the stories we’ve read and heard. The thief sneaks in quietly. The adventurer brags in. 184 more words

The Inner World