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Asylum - The End

*required previous reading Asylum http://wp.me/s4FERj-asylum

I have no idea
where I am anymore
It feels like I’ve been here
for years
Although they tell me… 464 more words

The Twisted Path Group

For an old friend..

Hey ashhh… I know i got a lil tooo late in delivering this to you.. I had planned to give this to you on your bday but as u knw, mei thodi late latif hu.. 523 more words

Once Insane, Always Insane

The negative effects of psychiatric labelling were highlighted in a famous experiment conducted by the American psychologist David Rosenhan in the early 1970s. Rosenhan asked “healthy” volunteers to fake hallucinations in order to be admitted to different psychiatric hospitals across the United States.

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Mental Health

I'm not sick anymore!

I’m not sick anymore. I’m not, I’m really not! 

But my stupid therapist keeps telling me I’m still psychotic. And I can’t see it, because I don’t understand. 174 more words


David Bowie



From Kate Bush to another musical legend. David Bowie, also known as the coolest man on Earth, is a musical hero of mine. Such brilliant performances and dedication to doing things however the hell he wants are becoming increasingly rare qualities in musicians these days. 195 more words