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Trying numl on OSX with F# and Xamarin

Today, at devLink 2014, my last session of the day is “Practical Machine Learning – Predicting Things” by Seth Juarez. In his presentation, Seth talks about machine learning and his machine learning library, … 195 more words


Neural Network Batch and Online Training

I wrote an article titled “Understanding Neural Network Batch Training: A Tutorial” in the August 2014 issue of Visual Studio Magazine. See http://visualstudiomagazine.com/articles/2014/08/01/batch-training.aspx.

By far the most common technique used to train a neural network is called back-propagation. 138 more words

Machine Learning

Coursera: Machine Learning Lecture#16 "Recommender Systems"


In common life, recommender systems has influenced our online experience even without noticing. Now when you’ve done one thing online, such as buying goods or watching videos, then you may get feedback from the websites you visit. 69 more words

Machine Learning

Organizing algorithms in digitally mediated education

By Ben Williamson

Algorithms have become powerful devices in digitally-mediated education. Recent news reports have begun to reveal how various analytics companies are now utilizing powerful algorithmic processes in the… 2,441 more words

Artificial Neural Networks in asset rate prediction (and IV)

In our previous post here, we saw a correlation measure that could be used to gain insight about non-linear dependency for two given variables, and previous posts before this one described what is an MLP and how it might be used for time series prediction. 954 more words


"Unsupervised learning" is a powerful weapon to unknown worlds, isn't it?

I have almost finished my MOOCs of machine learning in Coursera.   The algorithm to be learned now is “Unsupervised learning”.  It is the first time for me to learn unsupervised learning algorithms. 511 more words

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