My Big Fat Greek (& Macedonian) Adventures

A few impressions of My Big Fat Greek (and Macedonian) Adventures this Summer…
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1. Ecotopia Biketour Season 2014
2. Eurolines: Getting There in Style… 38 more words


a beautiful gift

I have several very talented friends, but one in particular: Dragana Jurisic. She is a beautiful photographer and I love both her company and her work. 227 more words


Did Moshe Kantor fund his way to European Jewish Congress Presidency: Funding his own film in Macedonia

I’ve had the suspicion for quite some time that Moshe Kantor became president of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) through electoral fraud- buying votes.  I suspect that Kantor not so coincidentally created the European Jewish Fund (EJF) in 2006, only a year before his election, with the aim of funding various projects of European community leaders in return for the electoral support of their communities. 245 more words

Two Weeks In

I told myself that I wouldn’t blog for three weeks to have time to adjust, but after two weeks here, I’m giving that up. If you just want to know that I’m alive and well – rest assured, I am happy and very much alive, eating lots of food, and appreciating the life I’m lucky to live. 566 more words


Philippi: In the footsteps of Alexander and St. Paul

Philippi would be a doorway to Asia Minor. It would serve three empires. It would be a major player in creating history.

Lydia of Philippisia became St. 79 more words


New Caledonia

Whenever I gets to Romania I’ll contack ya straight away I wouldn’t want to detain ya  Likewise when oz reaches Estonia I’ll inform ya  And listen here when I lands in Albania well ya see there’s a few things I knees to  explain to ya  As soon as I arrive intact alive in Macedonia I’ll cent for ya Now then when I gets to New Caledonia I say New Caledonia I’ll be sure and phone ya even if I’m suffering wid pneumonia And please oh please say hello for me to my daughter Marlo Sonia or for sure I’m goin’ a disown ya


Upcoming Balkan events in NYC (published 8/30/2014)

Compiled by Zlatko Filipović | About Zlatko


5 items in this post:

- Bulgarika / Dance Party

- The Zlatne Uste Golden Festival 2015 (January) 662 more words