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Macarons…my mouth is already watering just by saying the word. A sweet little treat full of perfection. Every time I saw them, colourful and delicious, I wanted to try making some myself – but I was just so afraid of holding on to an exact recipe. 169 more words


Pumpkin Cheesecake Macarons

It’s September 1, which means it’s socially acceptable to indulge in anything and everything pumpkin. I had planned on waiting til October 1, but being inundated by pumpkin ale each and every time I go to Publix or a restuarant convinced me that resistance was most futile. 325 more words

A sweet delivery at 1:38am

Sometimes, it’s très necessary to eat French macarons from Bouchon for breakfast. These were delivered by my one and only brother at 1:38am. He was in NYC for the weekend and surprise! Bon Appétit!

Bon Appétit

My wife makes......dainty french Macarons!

My wife has been making macarons for years – and each and every one of them have been a delight to eat! 
This time round, she made 1) Rose Shells with Raspberry french buttercream & dark orange ganache center 2) Hazelnut shells with praline buttercream and milk chocolate ganache center 3) Coconut shells with ginger caramel buttercream and ginger caramel center.

Recipe will be up soon :)


I’m back in Indonesia now. In my spare time back in July I baked these macarons for my boyfriend, we finally reunited! I surprised him these pink mini macarons. 108 more words


Dark Chocolate and Orange Macarons

I can’t quite remember when I first discovered Milk & Cereal blog. It’s been at least one year, possibly two… but right from the start I became a dedicated follower. 2,502 more words


Pistachio Macarons

Photography by Flora Shedden

Picture only again. Sorry. Macaron recipe post hanging over me like a very big cloud of egg whites and ground almonds. Soon. I promise.