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Pre-Trip : Asia Bound

School has officially started today at Yonsei University. Things and people are falling into place and I am also adapting well into this environment. Before this, along with two other friends, we travelled to Hong Kong for a pre-trip via Cathay Airlines. 431 more words


Εγώ ο ταξιδιώτης #iTraveller

Φαντάσου να κάθεσαι σπίτι σου, να χαζεύεις πτήσεις και προορισμούς για το Φθινόπωρο και ξαφνικά να σε παίρνουν τηλέφωνο και να σου λένε πως έχεις 14 ημέρες για να γυρίσεις 8 διαφορετικές πόλεις της Ευρώπης κάνοντας παράλληλα posts στα social media με τις στιγμές σου από το ταξίδι! 33 more words


Traveling Not So Light

I headed out of town for a very, very quick trip this weekend. When I returned, it became clear that Colby didn’t appreciate the fact that she was left behind. 68 more words


Flying from Philly to Dublin

The day of departure out of Philadelphia to Dublin finally arrived, along with more clouds and rain. I couldn’t help but feel nervous about that. However, I still had so much to do before I left for the airport; it seemed to take my mind off of any flight jitters. 741 more words


Packing Tips

I used to be one of the heaviest packers around because ya never know what you’ll need. And I needed a lot. Whenever my school went on camping trips I would bring a huge luggage, one that is even bigger than what is allowed on planes. 212 more words


How to pack your bag in 5 "easy" steps

This is a packing guide for going on an all-in summer holiday for 2 weeks.

I hate packing to go on a holiday. It gives me stress because I hate a limited wardrobe. 638 more words


On Packing

I will never be a light packer. While some pro travelers might be able to throw everything they’ll need for four months into a small suitcase, sling a backpack over their shoulders, and call it a day, I cannot bear the thought of leaving home things I might possibly need. 543 more words