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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Improve Self Awareness in Dreams, by Kerry McGlone

5 Ways to Improve Self Awareness in Lucid Dreams

Self awareness is essential to every lucid dreamer. Having the ability to become self aware in a dream is what makes lucid dreams possible. 943 more words

Guest Post

The Journey Begins

Hello, there my name is SoneƩ John, and I am 16 years old, and I will like to share with you my experiences as I begin my Lucid dreaming journey. 234 more words

First Post

rooms of body bags

Dreamt and woke 4 am – why always about 4 am?

walking through rooms full of tables and body bags on them with stiff bodies in them. 137 more words

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abducted by long nailed chinaman

I woke from a dream-
I was abducted as a young child by a china man with really long nails and he wanted me as a concubine for himself and others. 37 more words

Journal Entries

3 Weird Things About Quitting Diet Soda

I don’t know if I’d call myself an “addict”, but I did drink Coke Zero like a fiend since it was released. At my worst I was at three to four cans a day. 653 more words

Unpleasant dreaming

Well, having unpleasant dreams is nothing new here. But last nights dream was just horrible!

In my dream my 4 year old daughter had run off and out of sight and was lost and we could not find her anywhere! 194 more words


Paralysis /lucid sleep

Hi, I haven’t had any new sleep paralysis or lucid dreams. I did however have a lucid dream/sleep paralysis about 6 months again. I was falling asleep when I started a floating dream. 123 more words