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Doodling while Lovesick

I don’t know about the rest of the world but it is practically Fall in Toronto and it might be the weather or me trying to cling onto the very last bit of summer but I’ve been feeling a little lovesick lately. 148 more words


Love Sick LA

for this one i wasn’t sure wether to use hot colours or cold colours, so i made three options for the company to pick between, hot, cold or a mix of the two, this was for the company Love sick La

Being lovesick for Jesus in the storms of life

if you find my lover, Please tell him I want him, that I’m heartsick with love for him.” -Song of Solomon 5:8B

     Nothing moves the heart like, when we love something we will do anything for it. 923 more words



What kills me the most is that you have no idea how much I’m dying inside,

but if you did it wouldn’t phase you


For My G.E.

I long to be held
Like our long conversations-
Close to my heart,
Strong in my mind.

I was surprised
By your appearance.
Why would a love like yours… 221 more words


Oh what about sick leaves?

It’s a quarter before seven and I wake up to the alarm. I snooze it another ten minutes before I finally decide to get up. But I don’t get up. 490 more words


Gang Starr - Lovesick (Del Gazeebo Upbeat Refix)

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