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Letter: 'We had such a good life'

Re: Goodbye, my beloved, Aug. 16.

Oh, how I can sympathize with Citizen reporter Tony Lofaro, whose wife Gina recently passed away. I, too, dwell daily on the fact I never told my husband that I so appreciated the wonderful marriage we shared. 297 more words


Daughter | A Poem

I wrote this a few years back, at a time when I was never far from the fear of losing her.

Looking into her eyes… 103 more words


Suffering & Fear

It’s late and I’m overtired. We drove to several towns today and saw a lot of people. We got home late. It was a busy, full day. 356 more words


Memorial Garden

In the spring, we planted a memorial garden for Josh. Most varieties we chose specifically for their attraction to butterflies and hummingbirds. However, one plant in particular, I consider to be the “showstopper” in the garden. 68 more words

Encouraging Substance Abuse Treatment

It is very important to remember that someone who abuses alcohol or drugs will continue to do so as long as the consequences of use do not outweigh the benefits. 371 more words

Help For Substance Abuse

It's a Lonely Business

It’s a lonely business, loving someone with depression. 

I am thankful, every day, that I made it out the other side of my own depression.  It was hard enough to experience it myself.   155 more words

When Tragedy Strikes

Tragedy can strike our lives at any moment. When we lose a loved one unexpectedly, it is in these moments that we begin to reflect and look at life differently. 252 more words