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You have nothing to prove to anyone but YOURSELF

In life you will come across people who will make you doubt yourself, question who you are and make you wonder about the person you are or becoming and where you a going with your life…. 218 more words

Sex &The City and Synergy


I find my break ups are usually followed by cookie dough ice cream, wine and a sappy T.V. series. When I was in my early twenties I was an Alley McBeal fan, I loved the way she was raw, open and not afraid to expose her true heart. 468 more words


If they want to leave, let them.

It’s probably the hardest thing in the world when someone you care so much about decides to walk out your life. It’s like they ripped out your heart. 386 more words

How to get a job, 1 secret.

September is coming soon and it means time to change hopefully for the best. Here I am all in girly black dress with polka dot shoes strolling through some Spanish beautiful streets :D  In the meantime I am looking for a full time job as my income lately wasn’t really a good one. 291 more words


love isn't enough.

tell me, is love ever enough?

what are promises without commitments. what are whispers in the dark without a hand that holds you when you are blind. 223 more words



I read at this article from a respected fashion blogger, but I questioned what parts of these ideas are actually fashionable. Check it out for yourself and weigh in. 12 more words


New Page.

I want to become a strong individual who is self-motivated and self-directed. I want to strengthen my ability to maintain positive and energetic in all that I do, especially when it is hard to. 292 more words

Appreciate The Little Things