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Mental Misconduct

A wounded soldier, I get up each time. My will to withstand bullshit is done.

I am not that person any more, you can not have my sanity. 553 more words

Mental Health

The Beginning

I have heard it said time and time again that life doesn’t begin until you have graduated from college, are married and are struggling to make it in the “real world.” Now, I am none of these things, so things can be completely different outside of my college Mormon-y bubble, but I believe that my life “began” a long time ago.  483 more words


Song of the Week: Who Says by Selena Gomez & The Scene

There will always be people telling you about yourself, they consider you to be their Barbie doll to dress up and play with, while forgetting that you have your own emotions, ideas, thoughts, creativity, and inner spirit. 34 more words


Being a mom is a marathon, keep on breathing.

Some days you wonder how you do it… Some morning you just wish you could pause time for an extra hour. Some nights you just want to put them in bed, even though it’s nearly two hours before bedtime. 775 more words

Essential Oils

Healthy And Balanced Living

Looking for healthy living recipes?

Here’s many within one.

Ital, organic cooking show with a true Rasta in Nonsuch, Portland, Jamaica. Follow Sazi ( Reggae in the Ruff ) as he gathers the organic ingredients on his hillside farm and then shows how to make a delicious Ital stew. 35 more words

Love Yourself

Question: What’s one action you can start taking everyday to increase your love for yourself?

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Question Of The Day

The words of faith is a key

There are things to be careful in our believing life.

It is not good to talk too much. Sometimes inevitably we have to talk much because of our job. 375 more words