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He Said

‘Think of me as a rose.’ He said
‘My color may not be so deep
My scent may be ever so faint
But my roots run as deep and true… 89 more words



my heart is drowning

in the sea of strangers

without you

its hard to stay afloat

in times of trouble

when the waves distract the most of us… 30 more words

Poem Sanctuary


you lead me

to the riddles of no return

and that’s alright

i dont want to go back

i wont go back

you have always been my savior. 13 more words

Poem Sanctuary

Little Twinkling Stars

Written: © Maxima
Here in our enchanting home
Memorable moments
Woven into the fragments of
Our inner complex beings
Colour the timeless horizons
With the beauty of love… 92 more words




Their washing machine stands in my lounge.

It’s all that’s left of their honeymoon household.

Their home is empty, vacated, untenanted:

Their belongings scattered. Gifted. 81 more words

Dee Jones


You’re in my inappropriate thoughts
where basic woman should be replaced
what else to that can i say


Not already written on our faces… 39 more words

Lino Robles

Some inspiration to express your love in words

Verse is symbolization and a ton of people may shrug and say they have not procured a piece of information on the best way to make them. 22 more words

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