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Age of Carnivores

ly I chat with the sky mostly
I don’t want answers re love you see

and thank fuck atheists don’t find god
in corners like First & Amistad… 608 more words

Dimitris Melicertes

Into Your Arms I Shall Return

Flying through the endless star filled void
otherwise known as deep space
with three fembots glued to my tail
like fleas on a stray and mangy dogs furry tail… 206 more words


A Gift

Your love is timeless
Feels like I’m floating in the Dead Sea.
I can’t explain it in words that would do it justice, or compliment its presence in the present, a gift from the universe, your love is a present. 25 more words


Spring's Fall via NoiseTrade

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*While you can download the entire book for free, a tip would be greatly appreciated. 39 more words


Smother me.

Smother me in your love,
Leave traces of your scent behind
So that when I awake I’ll be reminded
Of the soft touch of your hand on my face and… 141 more words


I planned how to fall in love

Thinking about you all the time
No wonder if its two,three or Nine

When you come, i don’t know what you say
All attention to your Handsome face i pay… 417 more words


One More Lie

Many times you will sit and wonder
Why the one that made you happy
Now just makes you want to cry
You try. Then once again you try… 119 more words