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Mini Reviews: The Ones with the Love Letters, the Berlin Wall, and the College Roommates

Have any of these YA titles found it on to your bookshelves? Did you have any similar opinions? Let me know in the comments! (&&any recommendations are always and forever welcome!)



My Dearest Cody,


Do you remember the day you graduated high school? I was just thinking about it. Veronica called me. She said she wanted to bring in some “things” for you. 763 more words

August 27th, 2014; Barcelona, Spain

One-Shot Wednesday is upon us again. Check out this vid. It’s a real testament to the light-hearted, youthful nature of the style.

Love Letters — Metronomy

Song Of The Day

My Letters To Him: Please Come

The sands of time have slowly, yet cunningly, slipped by and turned the hours into days and the days into months; and yet this place longs for you. 803 more words


Spoken Word: Please Write Immediately

Love Letters from the poets at the Southbank Centre

As part of their Festival of Love, the Southbank Centre recently put on an event where Ben Lamb, Harriet Walter, Guy Paul, Laurel Lefkow and Jason Hughes read a wide expanse of love letters by writers. 678 more words


would it be appropriate

to get drunk and call to sing childish gambino lyrics to you?


i miss your voice. i miss your everything.


too bad i told you that i’m out this bitch today.


figure your shit out.

Love Letter Wednesdays

Spreading Love…

I believe it is our one true purpose. The art of letter writing is becoming a thing of the past and I find that really sad. 144 more words