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Unfinished Business

We talked a lot. Made plans about the future. Sometimes we talked about what it would be like if we got married, we would make love endlessly, have more than a dozen kids for the national boat rowing team, we would have our own place and I could work… 197 more words


the insatiable delight of experience

 A letter seeping with ardent love from Henry Miller

 to Anaïs Nin – – can such love exist today ?

August 14, 1932 


Don’t expect me to be sane anymore.

941 more words


Dear Biddy,

I have always loved letters – writing them and receiving them. All my childhood I had pen pals and took up letter-writing as activism early in my teens. 665 more words

Mini Reviews: The Ones with the Love Letters, the Berlin Wall, and the College Roommates

Have any of these YA titles found it on to your bookshelves? Did you have any similar opinions? Let me know in the comments! (&&any recommendations are always and forever welcome!)

Historical Fiction


My Dearest Cody,


Do you remember the day you graduated high school? I was just thinking about it. Veronica called me. She said she wanted to bring in some “things” for you. 763 more words

August 27th, 2014; Barcelona, Spain

One-Shot Wednesday is upon us again. Check out this vid. It’s a real testament to the light-hearted, youthful nature of the style.

Love Letters — Metronomy

Song Of The Day

My Letters To Him: Please Come

The sands of time have slowly, yet cunningly, slipped by and turned the hours into days and the days into months; and yet this place longs for you. 803 more words