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Broken in two

If I tell you my side of the story,

would you listen anyway?

You seem to be listening to others instead,

more interested in what they say. 136 more words


Why I have trust issues

It’s sad when you trust someone, someone who says they aren’t like the rest. I’ll always be there… I won’t hurt you… That’s what you said. 118 more words

Real Talk

Lovemarks And Spiritual Aspects Of BDSM

I just love to see the lovemarks Master leaves on my skin. Freaks me totally out, even days later :-) I have been thinking about the spiritual aspects of BDSM. 898 more words

Love Hurts

Love Hurts

My novel, “Sam’s Song” will be published on the 16 January 2015. “Sam’s Song” is a hedonistic tale set in the music industry, a story of excess – of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. 224 more words

Love Hurts

If You Did

If you did,
you would take from me the weight
of my guilt and shame
and turn my tempests
into a quiet and calm contentment, 132 more words

Three For Joy

Last weekend, John and I went to Switzerland. He had presented me with that trip for my birthday and I was very nervous, because we were flying there und would meet L, John’s childhood sweetheart. 970 more words

Love Hurts