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What do you want?

When I look at the moon and the stars twinkling above, the tiny lights remind me that He is near.  There is no space between us.  342 more words

FemmeFuel By Sasha Katz

Charles Boyer: A Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday, Charles Boyer! I love you beyond all reason and sanity.

This photo, taken during one of his many shifts at the Hollywood Canteen, really seems to capture him: warm, real, and totally un-movie-star-ish. 842 more words

Movie Briefs


 summer affair

fading -

as the autumn leaves


Image courtesy Earth Rights Walker


#Soulties! How Do You Get Over Your Ex?

The easiest way I can describe #SoulTies is “a psychological, emotional or even spiritual bond with someone (or something)”.

A bond so deep, that whoever you are tied to becomes a part of your life for good or many atimes, bad; even when you are separated from him or her. 506 more words


My Roaring Twenties

Here I would like to take a moment to share a bit of my “previous life.” I was 21 years old when I started writing a journal in 1995 and I intend to put it in my autobiography. 1,424 more words


"The Heart of a Phoenix" and more poetry added

This is a poem I wrote while living in the institution. I had an affair with my therapist. Yes, this is why I hate soap operas, my life has been one; however, this poem was written after the psychologist and I broke up and she got fired because of our affair. 163 more words



You start simulating your guitar,

Soft strings tingling your finger.

Moves with your hair.

Circling around the square.

Hitting like you’re unaware.

Is that a wing and a prayer?
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