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Faith my weakness & strength!

Faith is the biggest weakness and faith is also the greatest strength. Its a mystery that I carry deep within my spirit.

It gives you strength to carry on when things looks hopeless. 122 more words


Blue Is Shade of the Sky

Blue is shade of the sky
A pink coloured flower remains
In this isolation it exists.
It wishes to glow and still this loneliness never fades… 53 more words


Lost n confused

Welcome to the world where everyone is lost at some point or confused.

Mine today just so happens to be my ass hat of a heart also known as my bf or partner. 746 more words


The man behind the curtain

When you think about TV villains, you think about guns, bombs, and deadly assassins. You think of cruel, ruthless killers. What you don’t imagine is this: 630 more words


What the heck just happened?!

First of all, some housekeeping. The polls are in. There is only one comment on my actual post, but through Facebook I received more votes concerning the topic of spoilers on my blog. 1,510 more words


Remembering Ganesha

Remembering Ganesha, as my heart is searching for some peace
Ganesha, is a God, very sweet and caring
Loves, everyone so much
Is always concerned a lot and spreads only joy in everyone’s life. 44 more words