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The 12th Confession - Hello? It's Dark In Here...and Lonely.

So, it’s been a while since I updated. For that, I’m sorry. I’ve been busy with getting Sunny off to Uni and had a friend unexpectedly come down for the holiday weekend. 682 more words

Losing Religion

Can we choose what we believe?

Wilful abandonment or suffering loss?

I’ve mentioned previously that my loss of faith has caused a tragic rift in my marriage to my still-believing wife. Probably the root issue boiled down to –  815 more words


The Eleventh Confession - Without God, I'm Happy

Continuing with Guardians of the Galaxy music…a toe-tapper to suit my mood.

I’m struggling to articulate what I want to say here. It may just be as simple as the title, “Without God, I’m Happy”, but I want to elaborate on that. 78 more words

Losing Religion

The Tenth Confession: Visiting Family in Conservative America

So, full of energy and high from the awesome music of Guardians of the Galaxy, I texted my aunt and asked if we could pop by for a last minute visit. 624 more words

Losing Religion

Recovering (from) Faith: Never Going Back

There was a point fairly soon after everything fell apart that I knew I would never go back. I remember laying in the grass outside and thinking about what was expected of sheep returning to the fold. 1,099 more words

Recovery (From) Faith

Rebuilding my confidence and my life after rape

There is this moment while I’m in THAT summer, the one where I got abused, and the one where all my ethical and moral beliefs crashed. 2,028 more words


Relatives losing hope, losing faith

Relatives losing hope, losing faith