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Love Story of Unparallel Times - Part 1

My Grandparents were married at a young age when my grandfather was just eighteen and grandmother all of twelve years. The age at which they were married had been a topic of discussion for both of them all through their lives.  441 more words


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A Beautiful Love Story of Bygone Era

Chapter XXI

So more frustration for me, but we I had to put ‘us’ on hold until this thing with Mike was sorted out. But that was the point, it couldn’t be sorted. 796 more words

Wedding Story

Chapter XX

So 2005 segued into 2006. The familiar problems of timing our time together got worse, not better. Sarah was a mum in the week, I was a Dad at the weekends. 466 more words

Wedding Story

A Reflection On A First Summer Tour

This summer I tagged along for a tour that my friends in Holy Shadow and Koala Tea Time were going on through the Midwest and Southeast. 629 more words


Oh. Yes.

First review just came in for Eloping Is For Losers. Couldn’t be happier!!

There was a big sigh of relief at reading this one. Can I quit my job and just be a writer now? Dare you to say yes.


Download of the Day: Circumventing Censorship by FLOSS Manuals

“The internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.”
John Gilmore

You’ll want this even if you never use it (and if you never use it, you’re a fool). 203 more words


Vintage Longreads: The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era by Vernor Vinge

Today’s loooooooong read from the dusty recesses of the distant digital past, which is to say 1993 which was 21 years ago GOD I’M OLD, comes to us from philosopher and mathematician Verner Vinge. 5,722 more words