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Rather Dirt Than Silver

Have you ever lived so emotionally numb
Barely able to drag yourself from a dead end out
Frozen from friends and family or their feelings… 89 more words


written on coffee, spoken on whiskey (Eulogy)

We are such a privileged group of people to have been so close to such an exceptional person. You don’t meet a Brad everyday, it is a once in a lifetime experience, and I am thankful having had the opportunity. 746 more words


2NE1 (투애니원): Lonely

지금 내가 하는 얘기 널 아프게 할지 몰라
jigeum naega haneun yaegi neol apeuge halji molla
What I’m about to tell you might hurt you… 696 more words

2NE1 (투애니원)

Do you ever feel so sad that it feels like there is a knife going through your chest? But you know your heart is beating, your blood is flowing and life is all around you and for some reason every step and breath you take feels like your last. 188 more words


“I am a paradox
I am neither happy
Nor am I sad

I smile at pretty things
And laugh at funny things

But late at night I become a mess of emotions and thoughts…

8 more words

Dragonflies Do It...

Fragile scarlet bodies

Bowed and linked as one

I watch the mating dragonflies

Greet the morning sun

I sat upon the water edge

To watch their morning dance… 265 more words


After death

Why is it that some days I wake up with such heavy vivid memories of them. Even though it’s been years it still hurts. It cuts right thru and transports me right back to those days when I immediately Knew how much they meant, how solid and precious their presence was, and how much I would miss them. 17 more words