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Anxiety Killed the Cat

Hey guys it’s College Girl once again

I finally moved everything into my dorm at college and it’s my first night here.

The crazy thing is is that my roommate has her boyfriend here and I can totally hear them making out. 299 more words


Hi Everyone. My First Blog!!!

Dear readers, this blog I created in a motivation to create a change, talking about changes, I see everyone around the world is just talking just as me. 181 more words


By Pastor James “Hero” George


You are aware Someone died for you, right? 


Yes, indeed, Someone did die for you (and the whole humanity). But, not because what you did affected or is responsible for his death. 765 more words


Wine Night or Whine Night....

Like best friends should do after a break up, my best friend has been doing everything in her power to keep my spirits up and to keep me from indulging in the gallon of ice cream that is in our freezer. 303 more words


Desperate to feel like I belong, trying hard to figure out where I went wrong. Can’t see a future because it’s blocked with the past, all my firsts appear to be my last, in some ways it’s good and in others it’s bad, another reminder of what I could have had. 107 more words


Fear has been my theme recently...

I have something I want to talk about.

I’ve started, and re-started… stopped and pushed it to the side… picked it back up again and then thrown it away again for the last week or so.  1,047 more words


A Lonely Haiku String

No concentration
Cannot sleep at all at night
Must be missing you

Got no direction
Come home to an empty house
Must be missing you… 27 more words

Confused Mood