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Twilight Nigh

The Road Goes Ever On and On
J.R.R. Tolkein

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
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The Seed of Promise

Beneath the ground, a seed of promise

Seems dormant from above

But God beholds what we cannot

A Covenant of Love.

A baby boy, the first-born Son, begotten of the Father… 406 more words

Happiness Pursued Was Never Caught

I hold these two.  Contentment comes when sought,
While Happiness pursued was never caught.
   But, sudden, storms the heart with mighty throes
   Whenceforth, mild eyed Content affrighted goes,

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South African White Girl Grows Up: PART 13 (2000)

(Friday 25 February 2000 continued )

Today was a big day in My Life:

Marie and Tobias dropped me back at Waterglen Centre, and I walked down to Anton and John’s(*these were my black carwatch dope smoking buddies) to smoke a last J with them. 915 more words

South African

Say Yes



The nature of my husband’s job required him to travel overseas frequently and because of this he was able to visit so much of the world, and he made many friends along the way.   636 more words


The Darkness Never Really Goes (On why we stay late up at night)

Sometimes I think about ending it all. I want to rip my veins open until there is only a light gush of blood leaking out. I want to silence all the voices in my head, the ones the reverberate into my bones–chilling every part of me. 849 more words


High School Loneliness

(Thanks to my inability to express emotions this post been released weeks later than I originally intended. I don’t think it quite captures the pain that it did and does still cause me. 676 more words