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Mumbai Mayhem – Part 2

My first solo outing in Mumbai and I lost my wallet, luckily I always keep two wallets with me one in my pocket keeping loose cash and cards and another one in my bag with big notes. 390 more words

Traveler's City

It is strange that all the beautiful things of the world come to this city as a matter of compulsion. If the city Mumbai can’t make you a traveler then no city ever can. 38 more words

Bombay Transport System

Enoden 江の電

View from the local train, Enoden.(江の電)It’s seaside of Kamakura.鎌倉 I took this local train from Fujisawa to Kamakura. (in winter)


It was after snow. This local train is not a big one and it’s run between private houses. 117 more words

Yumi's Blog

Sharing my Girl friend's tasty Parathas.

I live a bachelor life on the out skirts of Mumbai, at least most times of a week. I have a caring girl friend who cooks tasty snacks for me “at times”. 1,508 more words


11 truths: The Ugly Side of Mumbai Ki Baarish

No matter how much you romanticize monsoons, how many pretty pictures you take, how many days you spend with music & coffee by the window being poetic, the ugly monsoon truth remains unchanged. 482 more words

Traffic : The fulcrum of a Mumbaikar’s Quality of Life

Mumbai is a city famous for the fact that it never sleeps. But today we can say so because an average Mumbaikar spends long hours ranging from… 894 more words

what do you think?

i watch others, like me,

packed in this compartment,

of the local train,

going at 80 kmph,

from Churchgate to Borivali,

sitting hither tither,

standing at the door, 50 more words